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Time Clocks and Attendance Solutions for Managing the Complex Workforce Data of Retailers

For retailers that employ tens, hundreds, or thousands of people – often across a variety of departments, floors and facilities – managing workforce data is extremely complex. CMI Time Management products are specifically designed to address these challenges by identifying opportunities to streamline operations, improve efficiency and cut costs.

Our workforce time and attendance terminals, which are often located at the door or central office of a retail organization, provide significant workforce management capabilities and return on investment. With one small device, retailers enjoy a wealth of capabilities.

Programmable to Meet Your Needs
With CMI Time Management’s diverse line of programmable workforce management terminals, retailers are able to create an array of custom applications to:

  • Accurately track employee start and stop times.
  • Ensure accurate payroll through the elimination of discrepancies.
  • Provide employee self-service functionality, offering employees a battery of personnel information without the intervention of HR personnel.
Time Clocks and Attendance Solutions for Managing the Complex Workforce Data of Retailers
Fingerprint Time Clocks and Data Collection

Fingerprint Time Clocks and Data Collection

Many retail customers also choose to employ CMI Time Management’s advanced biometric technology in their workforce terminals. These fingerprint identification terminals are proven reliable and allow for completely unique identification, offering retailers several benefits that include:

  • Reducing the costs and risks of producing employee ID cards.
  • Eliminating the practice of “buddy punching” (clocking in for a friend who is late or absent).
  • Securely delivering employees’ personal information, including salary accruals and FMLA updates.
  • Providing a highly accurate data input method for employees who need information on benefits changes, shift results and vacation requests.
  • Ensure access control to retailers’ high-value inventory.

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CMI Time's Workforce Management Products Include:

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