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Workforce Management for the Complex Needs of the Entertainment and Hospitality Industries

Hotels, theme parks, cruise lines, casinos and other entertainment industry enterprises have extremely complex workforce management needs. Finding employees with specialized IT experience in these categories, in local markets around the country, can be an extremely challenging endeavor. In addition, scheduling and payroll for hospitality and entertainment enterprises is highly variable, complex and dynamic. As a result, workforce management terminals must be easy to build, easy to deploy and easy to manage.

Customization for Your Operations
CMI Time Management’s products address the diverse needs of hospitality organizations. Our cost-effective, Java-based workforce management terminals are extremely easy to manage and provide highly customized solutions. Our terminals easily integrate into a variety of back-end databases, including HRMS and ERP, while also providing entertainment enterprises with the ability to create applications to:

  • Build skill-, demand- and location-based scheduling models.
  • Streamline and calculate payroll based on a variety of employee types, including union, part-time, hourly, salaried and contract workers.
  • Handle a variety of shared tip models that calculate for type of shift (premium vs. standard hours), number of hours and skills.
  • Provide employee self-service functionality, offering employees a battery of personnel information without the intervention of HR personnel.
Workforce Management for the Complex Needs of the Entertainment and Hospitality Industries
Fingerprint Time Clocks and Biometrics

Fingerprint Time Clocks and Biometrics

Many entertainment and hospitality customers choose to employ CMI Time Management’s advanced biometrics technology in their workforce terminals. These fingerprint identification terminals are reliable and allow for completely unique identification. They offer any array of benefits including:

  • Reducing the costs and risks of producing employee ID cards.
  • Eliminating “buddy punching” (clocking in for a friend who is late or absent).
  • Securely delivering employees’ personal information, including salary accruals and FMLA updates.
  • Providing a highly accurate data input method for employees who need information on benefits changes, shift results and vacation requests.
  • Ensure access control to restricted areas and areas with high-value items such as cash, merchandise and equipment.

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