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Employee Identification and Fingerprint Time Clock Options, Each Configured for Easy Integration

As the first company to market biometric technology in a time and attendance solution, CMI Time Management offers the expertise customers rely on for accurate and dependable fingerprint time clock data collection. Since 1999, our biometric products have proven reliable in a variety of applications, and our team has witnessed firsthand how fingerprint time and attendance solutions can improve an organization’s efficiency.

Using biometric identification, CMI Time Management has successfully reduced labor costs for organizations by eliminating the need for:

  • Employee badges
  • Identification cards
  • Time sheets
  • Punch cards & punch clocks
  • Traditional time clocks
  • HR support

All of CMI Time Management’s time and attendance units can be configured with an identification method that best fits the needs of your company. Our reader options include:

  • Bar code readers
  • Card swipe readers
  • Proximity cards
  • Prox tokens / badges
  • Biometric identification through fingerprint scan

With one or two reader port options, some units can support multiple ID options, allowing employees and departments to choose which method best fits their needs.

Employee Identification and Fingerprint Time Clock Options, Each Configured for Easy Integration
Save an Average of 8% Off Your Payroll

Save an Average of 8% Off Your Payroll

The elimination of “buddy punching,” where one employee clocks in another employee, is one of the most significant benefits of biometric fingerprint time clock technology. The American Payroll Association states that buddy punching can account for as much as 8% of a company’s gross annual payroll. Biometrics makes it impossible.

CMI Time Management fingerprint time clock technologies are also proven to:

  • Improve time scheduling logistics
  • Lower hiring costs
  • Reduce payroll fraud
  • Increase HR and employee productivity
  • Provide secure access control for facilities, machines, and databases
  • Ensure that only authorized employees have access to high-value equipment that requires certified operators
  • Ensure access control to restricted areas, such as server rooms and cash repositories

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